Energy Towers: Crop and Pastures improvement, Homeopathic Simulators

This site contains information on Energy Towers as well as Broadcast Plates and Homeopathic Simulators


Introductions and the importance of thought forms

The information briefly describes the family of quantum devices known as field broadcasters or programmable energy towers and form one of the radionics devices used in several fields including agriculture. As such these towers operate on quantum principles and their contra-intuitive operational characteristics must be recognised. The devices provide a base for the introduction of enhancing cosmic (originating from the sun) energies resulting in a desirable environment for many forms of activity. Although designed ahead of their time, these towers today offer a holistic base for the new edge biology based on epigenetics; this places an emphasis on the fact that thought controls reality.

The operator has to realise that perceptions not only control behaviour, but also gene and cell activity, through their action on the cell wall receptor sites. Being quantum devices, the operator can observe that their operation is non local and not time bound. The need to maintain a positive attitude and perception is paramount to their successful application. Any negativity will detract from the devices efficacy, and persistent negativity can lead to health problems.

Again this emphasises the reality that we actively control our genetic expression moment by moment throughout our lives. Rather than perceiving ourselves as helpless victims of our genes we must accept and own this empowering truth. Our perceptions, emotions and responses to life dynamically shape our biology and behaviour. If a positive attitude is followed, this will be radiated by the operator and the tower will follow suite, conveying the managerial objectives out to the ecosphere. An operator (often the farmer or farm owner) locked in negativity should consider looking at reprogramming their sub-conscious towards a directed positive oriented future.


These devices are commonly used for:

  • predator control
  • weed and insect control
  • jackal control
  • caracal (rooikat) control
  • crow control
  • .. and many other predators encountered by farmers.
These devices are enviromnental friendly and based on rebalancing energies on any particular land.